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(by Colin)

Okey Dokey’s flyers are sent once a year around February or March to announce the trial lessons. Having them printed and sent to so many people in the area is quite expensive. Having a professional company design the flyers would double that cost, so I have been learning to design them myself on my computer. I was very bad at it in the beginning, but I think I am getting better year after year.

Every time, I struggle to come up with a design which is original and appealing. I try to use many small pictures for the children to enjoy finding themselves in the newspaper, and to give a sense of the atmosphere of the classes.

The colors are particularly difficult to choose, as the printed colors are different from the colors displayed on computer monitors. Printers use CMYK cartridges (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black), so this time I chose a range of colors which would be easy to print. It is quite different from the usual purple theme, but I think it stands out. I hope you like it!


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