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Price Hike

(by Colin)

Because of the global energy and food supply crisis, the cost of living has sharply increased in the past months. Like many families, Noriko and I are constantly worried about the price of our next gas bill or shopping cart. In this economy, we feel the need to cut down on our expenses.

Although many businesses will have to raise their prices this year, in Okey Dokey, we will try our best to keep the price of the tuitions as low as possible this year as well. Financially speaking, it would be wise for us to increase our prices according to inflation, but it would also go against our philosophy of providing good English education accessible to all.

In order to maintain the quality of our services at a low cost, we have decided to decrease the amount of paper and telephone communication. Amongst other measures, though the printed version of the yearly calendar will only be available on demand, it will be readily accessible on our website. The monthly student evaluations will be sent directly to the parents via LINE or email. We would also like to ask you to contact us by telephone only in case of emergency. Just send us a LINE message or email instead for any inquiries, and we will get back to you as soon as possible at a later time.

We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation!


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